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Professional and Commercial Billing

  • Invoices, Open invoices, Orders, Quotations, Layaway
  • Billing and Shipping to multiple locations
  • Professional invoice does not print the item number and prints a long description of 60 characters and, if available, prints a small picture of the item on the same line or a large picture after the line item
  • Item picture on screen: actual item sold plus previous item sold
  • View/modify the customer memo
  • Access to the customer Service item list and, if selected, will install the car or machinery at top of invoice
  • Sell non-inventory items (Program Controls)
  • Discount per line or discount on invoice total (Program Controls)
  • All-in-price (Program Controls)
  • Factor: basic model price multiplier for cabinet-makers…
  • For any item sold you can view all previous sale/price of this item to the customer and even view or reprint the invoice on the fly…
  • Change line position Up or Down
  • You can add a multi-line extended definition on the fly that will be printed
  • Install an invoice memo (never printed) and/or commission to pay per invoice
  • Printer selection available between 3" and regular printer
  • Extensive back-order tracking (tagging) with purchase orders…
  • Serial number tracking
  • Associate invoices to a project
  • Visualize invoice cost, profit %, invoice weight and invoice volume
  • Prints packing lists, work orders
  • Prints total number of items sold
  • Prints points or customer balance on invoice
  • Maintains an history of all invoices, available for re-prints
  • Real time inventory update
  • Etc…