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Cash Register

  • Invoices
  • Cashiers picture on screen with "At your service" caption
  • Customer postal code acquisition and tracking
  • Entry by bar-code scanning, manual entry, scale, and by programmable department keys
  • Random weight bar-code reading (for bar-coded, pre-weighted and priced items)
  • Item picture on screen: actual item sold plus previous item sold
  • Price verification window
  • Automatic tare per weight range
  • One touch PLU
  • Store discount coupons
  • Last line or by line number reversal (cancellation)
  • Tax reversal: GST only, PST only or both (sale by department keys only)
  • Merchandise return
  • Panic: cancel transaction
  • Suspend/Recall transactions (unlimited and tracked)
  • Password protected screen, by time off or by user selection
  • Discount per line or Discount on Invoice total (Program Controls)
  • Paid out ‘accountant style’ or regular (cash disbursement tracking)
  • Short term invoice history. Invoices can be archived
  • Transaction can be posted to AR directly if customer has a credit margin
  • Can easily accept payment or deposit on AR at Cash Register
  • Real time inventory update
  • Mouse-less operation