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Customer Control

  • Unlimited* number of customers
  • Customer number 12 characters alphanumeric (customer number can be changed at any time without losing history)
  • Extended customer number 25 characters alphanumeric
  • Language of choice, sex, birthday date
  • Customer picture
  • Memo with reminder and/or automatic pop-up with professional or commercial billing
  • Unlimited customer tracking notes with title, date stamp and chronometer
  • Third party billing (Professional and Commercial billing)
  • Salesperson per customer
  • Unlimited* contacts and telephone numbers per customer
  • Checks allowed (for POS and Cash Register)
  • Credit controls
  • Post-dated checks control
  • Mailing labels
  • Multi-key table per customer for renewal of membership cards, subscriptions…
  • Service table per customer, for a list of service items like cars, machinery…
  • Special agreement table per customer: allows a specific price per inventory item per customer, ideal for service contracts
  • Customer history table: see all invoices, all payments, all items sold, Customer loyalty accumulated points per month/year, sales statistics per month/year per customer
  • Etc…

Accounts receivables

  • Starting balances can be installed by invoice/payment from previous system
  • Post-dated checks table with warning for cashable checks
  • Automatic tagging of cashable post-dated checks
  • Cash receipt
  • Directly visualize and/or reprint invoice
  • Directly access customer file record
  • Customer statements
  • Receivables aging, detailed and summary report
  • List all credit accounts (on layaways)
  • Etc…

*Unlimited = limited by your hard disk space