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Real-time Inventory Control

  • Item number/SKU/PLU, 18 characters alphanumeric
  • UPC, 18 characters alphanumeric
  • Vendor item code, 18 characters alphanumeric
  • Manufacturer item code, 18 characters alphanumeric
  • Item description 40 characters (60 for Professional billing)
  • 9 levels of item priority, ex: all items are priority 5 by default; if an item is of priority one it will print on the first line of invoice
  • Unlimited SKU/UPC aliases per item
  • Unlimited alternate supplier table per item
  • Unlimited alternate replacement item table per item
  • Item taxable by state/province
  • Item can be VAT (value-added tax, tax included in price ex: gasoline)
  • Item priority levels, forces an item to top of invoice
  • Picture per item
  • GL number per item
  • Clone an item
  • Store inventory and warehouse (back store) inventory
  • Suggestion table per item (operator automatic pop-up to suggest other related products to customer)
  • Extra description database for Films, Book-CD
  • Animal for pet shop and animal adoption contract (optional)
  • Department defined from a table with target gross margin per department and rounding rules per price range
  • Category with target gross margin, default department, and default picture
  • Sub-category with target gross margin, default department, default category and default picture
  • Department sorting order: Department/Category/Sub-category
  • Dynamic kits:
    1. Regular: (attachment) a price with each line item ex: a case of soft drinks plus a case of empties
    2. Head*: only the head item has a price
    3. Items: the head is a title without price, all items called have their own price
    4. Calculated*: the price of all the items in the kit are added and becomes the head item price, and then all line item prices are deleted
  • A kit can contain other kits
    *With these kits you have the option "Do not print the kit line items"
  • Dynamic kits update inventory at billing time
  • Static kits: Light manufacturing assembly
  • Static kits update inventory when assembled
  • Price protection, from head-office price download…
  • Restricted sales hours per item
  • Points per item, for customer loyalty programs
  • Case cost with Landed Cost Calculator using (if relevant) the currency exchange rate, customs charges, excise tax, transport, insurance, and suppliers rebates that must be reflected in your cost…
  • Unlimited* quantity price table per item
  • Unlimited Mix n’ Match and TPR (Temporary Price Reduction) table from date to date, per day selected and per hour; you can prepare many TPR in advance per item. There is no need to download special prices. TPR items revert to the regular price automatically after the end date
  • 10 price levels per item (used in customer file price break by department)
  • Special agreements or contract price per item per customer with end date
  • Commercial billing to give the volume and weight of the order Ordering/Receiving: case/tear, tear/pallet. Case weight and volume are used in Purchase Orders and or invoice
  • User defined re-order points: minimum and maximum per month per item OR fully automatic re-order points calculation per item per month based on past sale history per month. Specify the delivery delay per item (seasonal items)
  • Operators allowed to modify inventory can be assigned to specific departments
  • Sales statistics per year/month/week/days/hour… per item
  • Also available daily: real-time sales per department per hour and sales per item per hour (POS and Electronic Cash register only)
  • Integrated bar-code printing
  • Integrated sign printing with color picture of the item and reselling price for the target date
  • Top selling item table
  • Many reports: Price lists, Physical inventory checklist, stock price verification…
  • Etc…